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Mommy and Me

It’s never too early to nurture your child’s love of dance. Whether your child is walking or just starting to stand, Mommy and Me Ballet will be a great fit. You and your child will work together to develop coordination, flexibility, musicality, and self-confidence through this class. Your child will get accustomed to the structure and activities of dance class while by your side. Children will learn to follow instructions, mimic movements, and create their own movements to music. Students will leave this class with a better understanding of their bodies and how they work. Open to children ages 10 months to 2 1/2 years.


Pre school classes are geared to children ages 3 – 5 years old. The classes are 45 minutes long and introduce your child to all forms of dance. The majority of the class is devoted to tap and ballet instruction with some twirling and tumbling. The structure of the class is deliberately varied to keep the young dancer engaged, and ensure a more balanced development of the child’s motor skills.

Combo I

Combo I is the next step from pre-school. The target age group for this class is Kindergarten and First grade. No previous dance experience is required to enroll in this class. This one hour class provides an introduction to ballet, tap and jazz.

Combo II

Combo II is for dancers ages 7 and up. It is 1 hour long and offers an expanded ballet, tap and jazz vocabulary.

Tap & Jazz Combo

Tap and jazz for students with some dance experience who are enrolled in beginner ballet through ballet 1 and want to continue their tap and jazz instruction. (ages 7 and up)


Beginner Ballet (ages 7 and up) This is a natural progression from Combo II (although some students prefer to continue in a combination class and take Combo III.) It provides an introduction to the classical format, discipline and French vocabulary of classical ballet. Basic barre and center work are the focus of the class. The class is 45 minutes.  Students enrolling in this class often enroll in a 30 minute tap and jazz combination class to continue their well rounded dance training. Ballet 1. Students age 8 and older Students continue to do barre and centre floor and steps across the floor. A second ballet class is recommended.

Ballet 2,3,4,5

For students with previous ballet training. Students continue to work on improving and expanding their technique and vocabulary. Students will progress through these levels at different rates. Advancement is based upon the individual improvement and ability of the student, not by age.

For the dancer interested in advancing his or her ballet training, it is recommended that the student take the following number of ballet classes:

    Beginner Ballet - once a week
    Ballet 1 - twice a week, although not required
    Ballet 2 – at least twice a week
    Ballet 3, 4, 5 - at least three ballet classes per week, in addition to pointé


For those students in ballet 3 and above who demonstrate the ballet technique and strength necessary for pointé work. Must take requisite number of ballet classes.

It is recommended that dancers serious about pursuing a career in dance take classes in the other dance genres offered.


Modern dance has a strong emphasis in ballet technique. The class involves center work, barre work, and across the floor stressing breath, fluidity, energy, and control. This class is offered to students age 8 and older and part of the combo III class. No previous dance training is necessary for the beginner class.


Improve posture and develop rhythm, musicality and cognitive thinking through tap. Tap instruction is part of the curriculum in all combination classes. It is also offered as a separate class or in a jazz/tap combination class at more advanced levels to students with some dance experience who want to continue their tap dance training.


Fundamentals of jazz technique are introduced in the beginning levels and require no previous dance training.  Stretching and strengthening exercises are performed and simple combinations of steps are taught to encourage vitality and enthusiasm for dance. Students will learn rhythmic patterns, turns and jumps, isolations, and dynamics of music in an exciting and upbeat environment. A great structured class for ballet and musical theatre students, dance teams and cheering. A ballet class is recommended for the proper attack of strong and sharp movements utilized in jazz technique. Jazz is included as part of the curriculum in the Combo 1 and 2 programs.  It is offered in combination with tap to dancers 7 and older. Separate jazz classes offer an expanded movement vocabulary and jazz choreography .


Learn the basics of Hip Hop and Break Dancing in a fun, methodical and structured approach.

Creative Movement

classes are 45 minutes long and will be offered in several 6-week sessions for young dancers in Grades Pre-K through 2. This is the perfect class for imaginative students and budding choreographers who express themselves through invented movements. Students will explore the concepts of body, space, time, and energy while developing movement mastery and gaining social skills in collaboration and respect. Creative Movement allows your child to participate creatively in a structured environment where improvisational activities feel like fun games! Although the class is focused on process rather than product, parents will be invited to watch a special “showing” at the end of the 6-week session. Interested students are encouraged to sign-up for multiple sessions, as themes and activities will vary. Creative Movement II offers more challenging skills and activities for older students. Creative Movement students should wear fitted clothing that is easy to move in and bare feet.


is a workshop model, 60-minute class for upper elementary students in Grades 3 – 6, offered in several 6-week sessions. This creative, process-focused class will strengthen your child’s collaboration skills as they work with other students to build short dances on various themes. Each Dance-Makers class will include a thorough warm-up and various improvisational activities to prepare dancers to engage and create with their peers. Students will be encouraged to utilize technique learned in multiple dance genres, although no previous dance experience is necessary. Parents will be invited to watch a special “showing” of students’ work at the end of the 6-week session. Interested students are encouraged to sign-up for multiple sessions, as themes and activities will vary. Dance-Makers II will provide a deeper investigation into the creative process for older students. Dance-Makers students should wear fitted clothing that is easy to move in and bare feet.

Please note: Class placement is determined by the Director

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